Bill Brantley

Brantley_WilliamPaper (45): The Current State of Project Management Communication Research: From a Functional Communication Model toward Complex Communication Models

Abstract: The research question of this presentation is simple: what is the current state of communication research in project management? After analyzing 273 peer-reviewed articles in business management journals and in communication journals, the authors found that 85% of the project management communication articles offered nothing new in terms of analysis beyond the well-established functional model of communication (the classic Shannon-Weaver model or Sender-Message-Receiver model). Twelve percent of the articles did introduce new types of analysis such as social networks but, the theoretical basis for the analysis was still rooted in the functional model of communication. Only four percent of the articles introduced a new model of project management communication that went beyond the functional model of communication. The authors will describe the practical aspects of their research and offer communication strategies for practitioners.

Biography: Dr. Bill Brantley, PMP – Training Administrator for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Global Intellectual Property Academy. Experienced leader in professional and volunteer organizations. Highly-accomplished university instructor, presenter, and trainer.