Hubert Vaughan

Vaughan_HubertPaper (39): Managing IT Projects desperately needs Creativity and Innovation.

Abstract: Software Development projects is no longer dealing with business automation for productivities improvement as per the Automation Age, nor dealing with information integration for better management capability as per the Information Age. Today’s Software is expected to identify business opportunities for Innovation on Service, Marketing, Products, Technology and Management Systems.

While Technologies are moving fast forward in a pace that had never seen before, IT professionals continue to manage and develop software similar to the Data Processing era of the early Automation Age based on methodologies created more than sixty years ago.

We saw the evolution of creating projects boundary from the early day of “Terms of Reference”, to “Statements of Work”, to the current “Scope Statements”. We have more certified PM Professional managing Software Development Projects, yet we see more project failure in our undertaking.

We are at the fore front of a new era – The Innovation Age. IT Project Managers needs to be more creative and innovative in order to support business operation. The way of doing business today is no longer the same as before. We needs to change the way we manage software development in line with the way we are doing business today so that we can truly play the supportive role of business innovation.

Biography:  Hubert Vaughan commenced his career in the field of computer technology in early 1972. For thirty years, Hubert practiced and served a number of International technology and financial Organizations including IBM, DEC, Unisys, Tandem, Bell Canada, Andersen Consulting, Lucent Technologies, National Mutual, ANZ Banking Group and Bank of Montreal; holding senior management positions in Technology related services. His career covered the five major continents around the world as Department Manager, Director, Assistant Vice President, and Vice President that spanned across software development, professional services, product development, technology consulting, project/program management, strategic planning as well as business development.

The last ten years, Hubert joined the Academic Institutions in China as Professor at the Institute of International Engineering Project Management (IIEPM) of Tsinghua University. Hubert also lectured at the Graduate School of China Academy of Science, the Beijing University of Aeronautic and Astronautic, teaching Innovation Management, Management of Technology, Program Management, Project management, and Software Engineering.

Apart from his teaching engagements, Hubert is a Research Fellow at the China Academy of Management Science, a member of the International Society of Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM), a former member of PMI’s Certification Governance Council (CGC); a co-founder of First International Innovation Management Alliance (FiiMA), and an Editorial Advisor of professional e-journal PM World Journal. Hubert is a Program Consultant to a number of multi-billion dollar projects run by State-Owned technology organizations and financial institutions in China.

Hubert is a regular presenter at international conferences and seminars in North America, Europe, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific. He had published more than fifty papers related to Software Engineering, Project Management, Program Management, and Innovation Management subjects both in China and in various international professional journals.  Retired from his academic engagement in July 2013, Hubert continues his research work in Innovation Engineering and presents at international events about his research findings throughout his career.