Kenneth O’Connell

oconnell_ken2Paper: Case Study: Deck Replacement of Westbound Through Truss Spans of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Abstract: This project involved the repair of a complex structural system on Maryland’s Iconic Bay Bridge. The Deck Replacement of the Westbound Through Cantilever Truss Span (Through Truss) portion of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Project involved removal of the original cast-in-place concrete decking and replacing it with precast concrete sections, integrally cast with guardrail. The existing structural steel stringers in the Through Truss were to remain in place and support the new precast concrete decking. A survey performed by the Contractor of the existing structural steel stringers in the Through Truss resulted in the submittal of numerous change orders by the Contractor alleging a differing site condition that would require a significant redesign effort. The damages alleged by the Contractor exceeded the original contract value. What happened, why and who was responsible…the rest of the story!

Biography: Dr. Kenneth O’Connell is the co-founder and President of O’Connell & Lawrence, Inc. Ken is a registered professional engineer and registered professional land surveyor with expertise in civil engineering, commercial construction and highway and heavy/civil construction. Dr. O’Connell’s academic background includes both research and teaching of civil engineering and construction engineering and management and he currently teaches as an adjunct here at the University of Maryland.