Kevin Cropper

Session: Bringing Agile to Government Project Management

Panel Description: A panel of distinguished experts in agile project management will discuss their experiences in managing agile projects in the Federal government. Three of the panelists are from 18F, which is a government-wide civic consultancy to help agencies rapidly deploy tools and services that are easy to operate, cost efficient, and reusable. Our fourth panelist is from the Peace Corps’ Office of the Chief Information Officer where he manages the Project Management team and has led several agile projects. The panelists will share the challenges and benefits of bringing agile project management methods to the Federal government.

Biography:  Kevin Cropper is the manager of the Project Management team, a Project Manager, and the UX Architect in the Peace Corps’ Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).   In those roles, he has led the first in-house software development effort to utilize Agile Scrum (a lot of learning opportunities), overseen cloud pilot projects, taken on an agile SharePoint intranet effort, and been responsible for the solution delivery framework (SDF) for a portfolio of IT projects supporting over 70 countries.
Before joining the OCIO, he was an IT Specialist in the Peace Corps’ Office of Overseas Programming and Training Support for three years.  He interviewed for that job from his hammock in Panama, where he and his wife were serving as Peace Corps Volunteers.  Prior to Panama, he was a Human Systems Engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.  Since Panama, he and his wife have been joined by three kids and two dogs; they live in Columbia, MD.