Flood-turning Disaster to Market

Bangladesh is a down stream riverine country-so flood is common natural phenomena. But like other we think it disaster & do unnecessary. The flood recharges soil to ET measure & many. Now if we think it a market! Like this time natural fisheries will increase & can feed community all over year, so flood gives something to the community can input to market. This way flood could be an example that helps to turn disaster into market.

Operational Safety Analysis for Complex Technological Projects

Natural hazards such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes in most cases hold very small probabilities of happening during a project life. Yet, evaluating the effect of such hazards on the systems operation of complex technological projects such as hydropower facilities or chemical processing plants requires prohibitively large numbers of calculations and significant computational resources. In order to effectively address these safety issues, rare event simulation techniques are usually applied. This study reviews past research on safety management for such complex technological projects under the threat of extreme events, and demonstrates the effectiveness of variance reduction in Monte Carlo simulations of project operations. Various approaches to rare event simulation techniques are categorized and compared by their respective advantages and disadvantages.