BIM in Preconstruction & Construction Operations

1:15 pm -2:20 pm

Friday, May 13, 2016

Margaret Brent, room #2112


Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) utilizing Building Information Models (BIM) for construction is transforming the way that buildings are being planned, built, and operated.  The presenters will discuss how VDC is being used in preconstruction for visualization, immersive visualization, model based estimating, advanced analysis, and reality capture and in construction for coordination, schedule simulation, layout, production control, and for operational purposes.

Preconstruction Topics of Discussion Include (Brian Krause):

  1. Visualization (site logistics)
  2. Immersive Visualization
  3. Model Based Estimating
  4. Advanced Analysis (Energy, Safety, Code, etc.)
  5. Reality Capture/Laser Scanning

BIM in Construction & Operations Topics of Discussion Include (Kristen Ernst):

  1. Coordination
  2. Schedule Simulation
  3. BIM in the Field (ipads, layout)
  4. Production Control
  5. BIM-FM (operations)


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