Embracing Conflict: It’s Your Job

10:20 am -10:50 am

Friday, May 13, 2016

Charles Carrol, room #2203

Paper Title:

Embracing Conflict: It's Your Job


Conflict occurs in any environment and the success of a project often depends on how leaders manage and resolve conflict. Issues can occur with various stakeholders (project team, client, other influencers) and embracing problems head-on can be the difference between successfully completing a project and escalation that hinders productivity.

This presentation and paper will address how to build teams that embrace conflict, harness the positive aspects of conflict and mitigate issues before they metastasize into project and relationship-damaging conflicts. The paper will review common sources of conflict, the conflict lifecycle, and strategies for resolving conflict at each stage. This presentation and paper will also provide common strategies for addressing conflict with various stakeholders in order to effectively manage projects, people, and personalities.


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