It’s a Leadership Thing: Promoting PM Leadership through Volunteerism

1:50 pm -2:20 pm

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Charles Carrol, room #2203

Paper Title:

It’s a Leadership Thing: Promoting PM Leadership through Volunteerism


Project Managers and Non-Profit Organization (NPO) managers face a daily environment of “insufficiency.”   There is always insufficient funds, insufficient time, insufficient staff resources to meet mission need – and who needs the overhead of PM anyway?  In this environment PMs have so much to offer, so many ways to be agents of change.  The value is enormous, from the altruism of helping others, to problem solving where others couldn’t, to helping some desperate need be met.  But as a PM, volunteering offers tremendous opportunity for engaging in your own professional development – it’s a leadership thing.    The benefits to the PM Volunteer are manifested in learning new ideas and professional environments, practicing skills and authorities not always found in their paid work, and of networking, meeting other leaders with passion for the service they provide.  In fact, working with NPOs is a great way to work with other volunteer leaders and connects the leadership PM to new business opportunities.  Ultimately, PM volunteerism is a way to rapidly build your own brand. Join us as we present on one example of how a local PMI chapter tackled its own volunteer needs and called on the spirit and skill of its members to engage in volunteerism.


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