Alexander Ehms

Alexander_EhmsPaper (25): Sustainable Implementation of New Technologies in the Health Care Industry

Abstract: The external environment in which all business exists is volatile, ambiguous, and ever evolving. In the wake of the e-commerce evolution, health care services are adapting to provide online prescription refills, in addition to sharing patient information using database software and cloud computing. Implementation of these technologies requires project management skills that go beyond a firm’s everyday operations, and include risks such as identity theft of patients’ personal information. Like all industries, health care services are subject to the consumer’s discretion when selecting a provider. One simple behavioral economic truth is the more choices an end user is provided, the more difficult it becomes to make a decision. The technologies used by health care providers varies tremendously and can have an impact on the brand image as it is perceived by the consumer. Among other variables such as the cost to implement, the benefit received, the time allocated and insuring that there is no disruption in service while making the transition. Thus sustainability is a key component and critical measure to be considered while implementing change and taking on new projects. The paper aims to build bridges between departmental silos and build off of the well-established compartmentalized research of several fields. Empirical research pertinent to subject will examine the social psychological implications of persuasion in the form of digital media as it relates to health care marketing. An overview of human, social, and economic sustainability in addition to sustainability as a measure as it relates to health care project management.

Biography: Alexander holds a Master’s in Supply Chain and Operations Management, Bachelor’s in Business and Associates in Business Management, and has completed a four year university level certification program in Business/Environmental Sustainability. During five years of professional experience, Alexander has held titles such as supervisor, workforce coordinator, and Marketing Analyst.

Major Field of Study: Supply Chain and Operations Management

Research interests: Sustainability, and Quality Management