Myles Miller

Miller_MylesPaper (48): Influencing People on Your Projects, Leading to SUCCESSFUL Outcomes Every Time

Abstract: For any project to happen and get from its beginning to end, it takes people. But not just having warm bodies alone will make your project have the desired outcome. In fact in some cases, people on your projects may create more issues then positive outcomes. So, if you want to be successful in all your project efforts, finding the best way to influence those people working on your projects will be very useful and ensure that those engaged in related project efforts, truly are committed to giving their time and talents fully to move the project forward successfully.

Learn what influencing is all about and what are the best methods to influence others. Discover what motivates others to perform at or above the levels they normally would. Find out the best way to discover what will encourage others to be committed to your project cause and efforts. Ultimately you will come a clearer understanding of how you can influence others to have project outcomes that will be mutually beneficial to everyone involved.

Biography: Two time Best Selling Author and Radio Host of “MylesofSUCCESS”, Myles Miller is the CEO and Founder of three training and development companies called LEADUP, LearningBreaks and SUCCESSHQ. Over the six years, since their inception, these companies have grown from just ideas to global competitors in the training industry. By offering client specific, customized classroom and online training in a variety of areas, he and his companies have been able to make everyone they work with more SUCCESSFUL and SUCCESS-filled.

In his Amazon best-selling book, “Against the Grain”, co-authored with Brian Tracy and his recent book, “SUCCESSONOMICS — Success in the New Economy”, co- authored with Steve Forbes, Myles shares many of the insights and ideas that will make anyone SUCCESSFUL and “SUCCESS-filled” at whatever they do.

No matter who he meets, he has an established record of leaving them better than he found them and therefore his title of the “Great SUCCESS Creator” is justly deserved.

Myles has led corporations and non-profit organizations to new heights and enhanced abilities through online and in classroom professional development training. His customized online training center solutions have provided developmental skills to thousands of individuals.

Myles has over 30 years’ experience in the project management field, across multiple industries including retail, defense, state and federal government and most recently hospitality. During his varied career, he has led projects ranging in budgetary size from $100K to $500B. His team leadership has impacted national and international companies and governments.