Sherri Norris

Paper (13): Evaluating and Building Portfolio Management Maturity in a Federal Government Program.

Abstract: This paper will focus on portfolio management in a Federal government program environment and introduce a maturity model designed to evaluate and track portfolio management capability in that type environment. The paper and maturity model will be based on the collective experience gained from implementing portfolio management in the American Community Survey and other federal programs and organizations at the U.S. Census Bureau. The model evaluates and tracks the following program maturity characteristics: • The portfolio management process maturity levels; • The levels of strategic planning practiced; • The level of organizational acceptance for the portfolio management processes. Important topics that emerged from the development of this maturity model were the definition of portfolio management process characteristics, the value of strategic planning to the portfolio management process, and the importance of organizational acceptance in the success of implementing a new process.

Biography:  Sherri Norris, PMP, is a project management and statistical professional with over twenty years of public policy, project management and operations experience. Ms. Norris has coordinated and implemented schedule, requirements, performance management, and governance processes for survey and Census Programs. She has a Public Policy Master’s Degree in Justice: Law and Society from American University, a Master’s Certificate in Program Management from George Washington University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from University of Delaware. Sherri can be reached at .