Aviation Week Program Managers Identify Issues Demanding New Best Practices

Members of the A&D program/project management community will discuss the hottest issues facing today’s program and project leaders while also identifying areas of best practice most needed to address the challenges of tomorrow. This interactive session will be facilitated by members of the Aviation Week Program Excellence Evaluation Team, including speakers Chris Seat and Carole Rickard Hedden, who heads Aviation Week’s Program Excellence initiative.

Industry Creates the Next Generation of Space Flight

As part of NASA’s transformation, industry contractors will provide flight capability for space exploration – manned and unmanned. Leading the way in developing the first “next generation” of flight for space exploration is the Orion Program. Now the program’s leader will open the pages of this global-sized effort to speak about building a global partnership, shifting responsibilities and people into a non-NASA world. Leading the session will be Dr. Michael Hawes, Orion program manager, Lockheed Martin Space Systems.