Kirti Khanna

Presentation: Challenges in CPM as faced by millennials in developing countries

Abstract: This presentation will show what is happening in the industry in developing counties Vs USA and how does a millennial look at it and fit into it. As we all know that the culture of each country is one of the major aspects to take into account in stakeholder management when referring to millennials; whether they manage a project team or they are being managed by project leaders. No doubt that each country has its own and different working environment.

In developing countries, the culture and the nature of each project play an important role in CPM. Currently many case studies show that it’s not anymore about the waterfall process or the new agility techniques that matter, however it’s about how to be creative and adapt to the nature each project in all its circumstances since each project varies in its location, time, budget and resources.
Of course, it is very beneficial to study theories but also its more important to learn from our mistakes and be down to earth; maybe we can think of new holistic approaches or come up with a model that can be used later as a tool for managing each project independently.

Also, this presentation aims at understanding what challenges are, how they are formed and how they are perceived by millennials. Research involves doing a deep dive study into the mindset of millennials from across 2 continents on their outlook at the industry today and their understanding of major concerns of the industry.

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management

Biography: Kirti Khanna, Born and brought up in India. He has a Civil Engineering background from Amity University, India. Currently, he is pursuing his master’s in project management from University of Maryland, College Park with an expected graduation by May 2020. He is a young construction professional with an experience of just over a year. He aspires to learn the nuances of project management by understanding the processes involved in the industry and achieving maximum optimization of the current resources.