Sebastian Schneider

Presentation: Reaching Career Level with General Management / PM Expert Caerer and Talent Development

Abstract: Project managers are often seen as experts rather than real business managers. This is not correct. Facts deliver the evidente, that the main business load is carried out by PMs and most of the companies / corporate success relies on them.

In this presentation I will show a model how an organization can create a career development model with clear targets and a clear growth path, talent is fostered and high performers are retained. Participants can learn, what is important to successfully implement such a model and what it takes to maintain it in a global context. Project managers can learn how to navigate the own career and what level of self-responsibility modern structures require to lead for example with the principle of servant leadership.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership

Biography: Sebastian Schneider is a very senior project management professional, having more than 20 years of experience in various project management positions. He collected knowledge and experience by managing large scale IT and organizational transformation projects with the highest complexity and more than $100 Mio budget and 300 team members.

Sebastian was instrumental to create a global project management community within Deutsche Telekom and was the head of T-Systems Global PM community with more than 2000 members globally. In this role he assumed responsibility to develop an expert career framework, trainings & simulations, global PM standard recommendations, represent project management in the Global Executive Committee. A great success was to intensify the bottom up movements towards a global exchange platform for project management knowledge and get a high level of member contribution.

Today Sebastian leads a project management chapter in the corporates global innovation division and owns the division chair (Technology and Innovation) in Deutsche Telekom’s PM council.