Testing Validity of Agile framework on Construction Project Management in the Middle East – Amer

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Agile is spreading! Although its origin has been in IT but recently an increasing number of forward-looking companies in different industries adopted agile techniques responding to market trends to sustain their competitive edge.

This presentation aims to demonstrate the validity of implementing the agile framework in the construction industry in the middle east arena. It will begin by a brief basic definition of agile manifesto going through some reasons and principles for using agile.

Also, one of the main objectives of this study is to understand the difference between being agile and doing agile in an iterative or sequential project management process – witnessed in the construction field. Among many agile tools, the scrum master, as one of the prominent agile tools, will be taken as an example for testing the validation in a construction project. This will be illustrated in a case study in Egypt, showing and accepting all the challenges, understanding the concerns and presenting the results.

After going through the example, the research will let us question the validation of the agile framework, should we go agile or stay by the waterfall process in the construction industry!

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Let’s Talk about the “A” Word: Tips for Helping Reluctant Teams and Organizations to Embrace Agile – Knight

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Once primarily associated with software development, Agile methodologies are now used in almost every industry imaginable, and by some of today’s most innovative organizations.

It’s highly likely that at least one of the products or services that you’ll interact with during the course of the day has been developed by a team utilizing an Agile method.

However, in spite of an abundance of case studies highlighting its benefits and successes, Agile is still frequently misrepresented and misunderstood. As a result, many teams and organizations are reluctant to adopt Agile methods into practice.

This presentation will provide attendees with strategies to help educate reluctant stakeholders about Agile and dispel misconceptions; along with tips to help introduce Agile to teams and organizations; and methods to help maintain your energy and focus along the way.

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