In order to make our event run smoothly, the Symposium Management Team is seeking volunteers to assist during both days of the event. If you assist during one day of the symposium, you will receive free registration to attend the second day (with no volunteer duties required).

The majority of our volunteer work consists of assisting in the speaker presentation rooms. Below is a list of activities that would be required as a volunteer in one of those rooms:

  • Assist session moderators.
  • Provide moderators with the biography for each presenter. This information will be provided to volunteers by the Symposium Management Team.
  • Make sure presentations are open and ready to go on the computer. Presentations will be preloaded on the computers by the Symposium Management Team.
  • Play music between sessions.
  • Alert speakers of session time – providing a five minute warning, a two minute warning and a time’s up flash card.
  • Count the number of participants that attend each session and record the data on the chart provided by the Symposium Management Team.
  • Have each presenter sign a waiver before they present.
  • Hand out any information to participants as requested by speakers

Dress code: Red shirt (provided) and black pants or skirt.

For more information about volunteering, contact Kathleen Frankle at 301.405.8271.

You can register as a volunteer using the online registration system (through March 16, 2020) but you will need to speak with Kathleen Frankle first in order to obtain a special registration code.