Building the plane as you fly it – it is possible! Use case: using hybrid approaches to improve new hire experience – Plachta

Have you ever wished that people in your organization knew all the best practices and different techniques, which would make projects and processes run smoothly? Often, it is challenging to get formal training. Well, you have the power to coach and inspire people to use hybrid approaches. It is especially valuable for ongoing activities, such as onboarding. People typically join organizations every two weeks, and you cannot stop this process. So, the answer is in “building the plane as you fly it!” In this presentation I will share my success story on using project management, Agile, service design, and journey mapping to improve new hire experience.

  1. Improving a process, testing with end users, and keeping existing operations running with a project management mindset – Approach as a project (time bound), start with empathy (service design), use Agile (incremental), and add data (journey map and personas)
  2. Opportunity to coach colleagues on the principals and terminology in the moment (e.g., “now that we had an onboarding cycle, should we try a retrospective? Here is the definition and here is how it is typically done. I can facilitate this for the team!”)
    In the presentation I will use different audience engagement tools: polling, imagery, and individual reflections. The participants will be able apply these strategies for their work initiatives.

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management (Business Acumen)

Virtual Agile Teams – Parente

In our project management training and through our experience, we learn methods and techniques for efficient and effective Agile project management. How do we use these when our team is not collocated?

Working in a virtual team is now a necessity for many Agile team members, instead of an exception. How can we use the skills we have in project management and working with virtual teams to support high performing virtual agile teams? With this, perhaps you can see the value in applying the skills of Virtual Agile Teams and the tools used for Virtual Agile Project Management.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)