Influencing Without Authority: Obtaining Results Through Trust and Respect – DiBella

The ability to influence without authority is an essential skill needed by project managers, as well as employees at all levels in today’s workplace. This requires expertise, resources, fostering relationships, and the right attitude. However, there are challenges for those who are unable to manage even with a position of authority. This interactive presentation will look at various methods for developing the skills necessary to influence change in a working environment, while also influencing personal performance. We will also focus on the development of employee engagement skills at the one-on-one level and on the use of interpersonal strategies and skills to improve engagement between leaders and their employees.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)

So your project failed. Congratulations! – Brown

Failure is a recipe for future success! Failure is how we learn. Confucius said that our greatest glory is not in never failing, but rising every time we fail.

This presentation will focus on lessons learned in small and large projects and how to maximize future project performance.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership (Power Skills)