System of Systems Approach to Operational Analytics – Ozdemir

3:30 pm -4:15 pm

Thursday, April 20, 2023


Operational Analysis, supporting the investment and operational decisions, can no longer only focus on individual systems, without addressing their role in the larger complex mission architecture including disparate systems, data, organizations, and activities. A “system of systems” approach, combining cross-functional, operational data and analytic tools, is needed to provide analysts and decision makers insights to make smarter operational and investment decisions across the diverse Homeland Security Enterprise.

DHS S&T’s System of Systems Operational Analytics (SoSOA) program offers a virtual environment for collaborative operational analyses that enables complex, timely, mission-focused decisions across DHS. SoSOA supports analysts and decision makers by combining the right data, tools, and training to enhance analytic capabilities DHS-wide. This cloud-based platform provides a project-based, web accessible, integrated analytics toolset in a secure and compliant environment for quick turn analysis in a government setting.

This case study is a good opportunity to explore System of systems approach to address complex mission problems using agile principles to define and refine requirements for operational analytics capability through number of pilot analysis projects.

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