Professional Development Hours

You can earn up to 13 professional development hours for the 2016 University of Maryland Project Management Symposium.

To report PDHs, visit this URL :

You will need to login.

Next you will click on “Report PDUs” on the navigation menu (left side).


Potential activities in which you participated are categorized by Education or Giving Back (in two columns). For the 2016 Project Management Symposium, select the “Training” button under the Education Category.








The information to enter is:

Provider: University of Maryland Project Management Center of Excellence

Activity: 2016 Project Management Symposium

Date Started: May 12, 2016 (or May 13, 2016 if you only attended Friday)

Date Completed:  May 13, 2016 (May 12, 2016 if you only attended Thursday)

PDU’s Claimed:  You will need to allocated the PDU’s between Leadership and Strategic.  If your were there for both days you would have at least 5 PDUs for strategic (one hour for each featured speaker).  I submitted for 8 Leadership and 5 Strategic.  The allocation between them would depend on which sessions you attended.  FYI – For the 2017 Symposium, we will indicate in the program book which of the three each session is categorized into.  You will receive 7.5 PDUs for Thursday and 5.5 for Friday.

Please be sure to click the button that says, “I agree this claim is accurate.”

Once you hit the “Submit” button you will receive a claim ID number.


The PDU claim forms have been simplified and offer Help text to guide you.


You can submit PDUs for Working as a Practitioner once throughout your three-year cycle.
Claim_ID_174x141If you submit a PDU claim for multiple certifications, the single claim will produce multiple claim IDs.

For every PDU claim you submit, you receive a claim ID



Once you submit a claim, you have the option to retract it so you can edit it, and the option to delete it.

If you submit a claim for multiple certifications, you only need to modify edit, retract, or delete ONE claim ID and CCRS will automatically apply your changes to the associated claims.