Breaking the Learning / Development Curve

9:45 am -10:30 am

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Atrium, room #1107

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Breaking the Learning / Development Curve


For more than 80 years the standard learning curve during which cost drops as learning/production levels increase has endured, despite new technologies and processes. In 2015, Aviation Week Program Excellence nominees found ways to break the curveā€”and in so doing, demonstrate new ways of achieving the highest levels of performance.


Derick Martin, Program Manager, CPI Aerostructures, Phenom Engine Inlet Assemblies Program

Breaking the learning curve is the holy grail for program managers in aerospace and defense. Using a series of simple, but elegant, approaches this program team broke the learning curve, hitting projected cost and profitability earlier than anticipated

James Peterka III, Program Manager, Boeing Satellite Systems

Breaking the learning curve and/or development cycle time without loss of technical or execution discipline is crucial to improving program performance. The Boeing 702SP program achieved the fastest development cycle in Boeing history through crucial customer/supplier alignment at the outset, reducing software development effort by 25%, and using an innovative approach to physical arrangement of satellites for launch. Peterka will share how the team identified, prioritized and implemented these high-value assets for expanded market opportunities.


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