Creative Collaboration for the Agile Process

1:50 pm -2:20 pm

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Juan Ramon Jimenez, room #2208

Paper Title:

Creative Collaboration for the Agile Process


The Agile Capability Mashup Environment (ACME) methodology is an innovative tool developed to encourage team engagement and consensus building. ACME is based on design thinking and utilizes horizontal collaboration to create an environment where diverse stakeholders, many with deep technical expertise, can engage on a level playing field. ACME combines simple low cost tools (e.g., whiteboards, cut outs, toy figurines, webcams, etc.) that assist teams to develop and communicate their ideas in multi-dimensional ways. This creates a collaborative space where teams can freely explore and critique ideas, with the goal of turning individual knowledge into a useful project team outcome.

In the Agile development process teams work to create software and products rapidly and efficiently across different domains. In order for Agile to be executed successfully, individuals and teams with various skills sets (i.e., project management, research, design, engineering, etc.) need to communicate ideas, plan schedules, and collaborate solutions to potential problems. The criticality of communication and coordination in the Agile process necessitates the need for a tool that can appropriately facilitate these activities. When the ACME methodology is applied to Agile development, it encourages and facilitates innovative thinking and collaboration in the early stages of the engineering process as well as throughout product development. This process allows Agile teams to efficiently collaborate within and across areas of expertise to develop innovative products that provide valuable solutions to customers and stakeholders.


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