Understanding the Three Dimensions of Project Management and the Implications for Develop a Project Management Plan

9:45 am

Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Green Room

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How to Make it in America


This is a sample abstract!¬†At some point, our conversation drifted from normal chatter to honest emotions, and I decided to admit my fears to my dad. Despite our unspoken agreement that we would not discuss the possibility, I said, “I’m afraid that you will die.” He told me he was afraid, too. That was the last time we would ever speak. Two weeks later, he died.

About six months after my dad passed away, Thanksgiving was approaching. For the last 10 years, my dad had been running a project called Basket Brigade. He delivered Thanksgiving meals to the homes of families in need. As a child, I rode along in the car while my dad made deliveries. He began by delivering one basket to only one household, and eventually his project grew to include his friends and coworkers, and they were delivering to hundreds of households each year. I wondered if anyone in Texas was going to pick up the project in his absence.

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