Big Data in Construction Projects: Risk and Opportunity Management

1:50 pm -2:20 pm

Friday, May 5, 2017

Charles Carroll, Room 2203K

Paper Title:

Big data in construction projects: Risk and opportunity management


Bid data in construction projects has become the trend as the construction industry is bridging the gap for productivity and embracing disruptive and innovative technologies that rely on large volume of data and information.
This presentation will emphasize a value assessment of big data in construction projects.

Within a project management framework, and using the data information from Virtual Design Construction (VDC) models and project data compiled using Unmanned Aerial Systems or drones throughout construction projects, we will:

  • define and discuss the risks associated with big data such as data security and privacy, and bad data or analytics in construction projects.
  • identify the value of opportunities and benefits of big data for design and construction projects.

Key learning objectives:

  • recognize the trends for big data in construction
  • identify the risks and problems in big data for construction
  • measure the benefits of big data in design and construction

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Technical Project Management


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