Circular Construction: Opportunities and Threats

9:45 am -10:15 am

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Juan Ramon Jimenez, Room 2206

Paper Title:

Circular Construction: Opportunities and Threats


The construction industry is one of the largest consumers of raw materials. Very little of the wastes generated from its activities are recycled or reused constituting a major concern for the environment. The common construction process in most developing countries follows a linear concept of “take-make-use-dispose”: a process fragmented resulting in inefficient use of resources and wastes. The circular economy (CE) concept of “take-make-use-regenerate” aims at zero waste reduction of materials, efficient use, and reuse of resources. CE principles include reduce, reuse, and recycling and their adoption within the construction sector has been encouraged by researchers, policy makers, government and non-governmental organisations. There are massive opportunities when the CE concept is applied to the construction industry. This paper introduces circular construction (CC) as the integration of CE into the construction industry. It identifies opportunities and threats for CC across the sector. Opportunities were categorised into economic, social, environmental and technological while threats were professionals, clients, government, and industry. The study was subjected to a qualitative exploratory research design where data were derived from an analysis of secondary sources through a review of extant literature. In conclusion, the paper recommends that the construction industry promotes CC especially at the design phase and deconstruction rather than demolition through compulsory pre-demolition audits.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Technical Project Management


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