Integrated Program & Project Management – A Strategic Approach

3:45 pm -4:50 pm

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Charles Carroll, Room 2203K

Paper Title:

Integrated Program & Project Management - A Strategic Approach


Presentation: Integrated Program & Project Management – A Strategic Approach

Abstract: The success of a program depends on how integrated the program is to strategic objectives. Integrated Program Management facilitates the planning, execution, and progress monitoring of a program to address all stakeholder concerns.  The aim of IPM is to select a set of proactive metrics that allow each stakeholder an ability to see progress in each of their respective areas against the objectives of the program. The ability to quickly assess program progress and adjust accordingly is critical to delivering product on time and within budget.

This workshop will provide an overview of IPM, will discuss how to translate strategic objectives to technical objectives to be used for program progress measurement, and will provide a few specific examples of how this was done from real world projects

Expected Key Takeaways for Participants: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of Integrated Program Management; Learn how tying metrics to measuring business value can help a program succeed.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Strategic and Business Management


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