Panel on Agile Challenges: Procurement & Leadership

9:45 am -11:25 am

Friday, May 5, 2017

Benjamin Banneker, Room 2212

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Panel on Agile Challenges: Procurement & Leadership


Agile Challenges: Procurement and Leadership

Abstract:  Agile prescribes varying scope and empowering teams – so how do you reconcile that with firm-fixed price contracts and policy-driven departments?

Traditional organizations and Federal contractors face many challenges in making Agile work. Program Managers need the speed and cost savings of Agile, but don’t want (or aren’t able) to change procurement and leadership practices in their administration. This panel will discuss examples of real-world solutions to these challenges, including:
  •  Contracting Agile using firm-fixed price
  •  Empowering teams in policy-driven environments
  •  Staying Agile with distributed or outsourced teams
  •  Agile project tracking compliance with traditional PMOs
  •  Enabling Agile with independent verification & validation (IV&V)
  •  Preventing team burnout on long-term Agile contracts
  •  Preventing product owners from losing influence, relevance, and political power
  •  Conflict management when whole teams can’t reconcile competing department priorities
The panel members have tackled these challenges, often with greater profits and customer satisfaction! The discussion serves as a capstone for the PMI Symposium’s Agile & IT program. Come share your experiences for a lively conversation on procuring and leading successful Agile projects in any organization.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Leadership


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