Ranking Portfolio Management Maturity

9:45 am -10:15 am

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Prince George's, Room 1211

Paper Title:

Ranking Portfolio Management Maturity


This paper is a continuation of the portfolio maturity model presented at the 2016 PM Symposium. In this paper, we will present:

  • Our Implementation Scorecard, a tool designed to measure and rate the maturity of portfolio management programs against the model
  • An updated maturity model
  • Discussion of how we developed the scorecard
  • Our experiences evaluating portfolio management processes across the at our organization

Important topics that emerged from the development of this scorecard and review of different portfolio management programs are:

  • Scorecards are not easy to develop
  • Programs can be evolved in one area and not in others
  • Portfolio Management processes takes time to mature
  • Engaging the correct stakeholders is key to getting accurate program information
  • Process improvement and innovation takes a lot of communication and energy.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Strategic and Business Management


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