8 Steps to Lasting Change That Works Every Time

3:45 pm -4:50 pm

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Atrium #1107


“Change”…Just the word itself fosters fear and dread in the minds of many. Why is that?! It could be a variety of things on the surface, but at its core it comes down to the fear of the unknown. And yet we see change around us and in ourselves every day. So why then are we so accepting of some changes like aging, increasing in knowledge and skill and so many more, but when it comes to making changes in the workplace, that will move our operations, companies and organizations forward, we step back instead of stepping forward.

This session is focused on not only the “why” of change but more importantly the “how” to change. We know we need to change how we do things to improve our processes and procedures, while impacting our profitability and performance. So, together, we will focus on how to make change happen successfully every time, by explore the “8 steps” that lead to lasting and prolonged change that will help us achieve the very things we need to do, while moving us forward and becoming more capable in so many aspects, that will have longstanding effectiveness.

After this session you will leave with the knowledge and capability to face change confidently and willingly, because you will know what it takes to make lasting change that will lead to greater growth and potential for you and those you serve with your efforts. As project managers, let’s become the “Change Agents” our world needs!


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