So, Your Schedule Says Your Project Will Finish on Time. . . Is that All it is Really Telling You?

3:45 pm -4:15 pm

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Juan Ramon Jimenez #2208


The benefits of combining earned value analysis with conventional schedule review are irrefutable. Combined review offers a better determination of project health than traditional schedule reviews because it provides concurrent measurement of progress in time and earnings. It also represents a proactive approach to project management and a best practice. However, it represents a departure from how much of the construction industry currently operates. Projects are often behind and finish late, and owners and CMs consistently misinterpret schedules and miss the signs of projects in crisis. We will examine the results of a study of more than 2500 project schedules on over 100 projects and the performance trends and indicators identified. And we will consider how the use of combined schedule and EVM review can assist in reversing the trend of project delays and cost overruns.


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