Aimee Baxter

Paper and Presentation: Practical Methods for Successful Change Adoption

Abstract: Change management is one of the most important keys to your project become adopted. Careful listening and communication planning can mean the difference between a successful project and a failure. We will dive into some best practices I have extracted from running projects, such as, questions during requirements gathering that start project adoption, and brainstorming and creating a communications template. I will also share tactical methods to speed up a project and help to gain successful project adoption.

  • Scaling the size of the Change
  • Requirements Gathering – key to successful change management
  • Risk Gathering and Management – don’t be blind
  • Expectation setting and project transparency
  • Communication Brainstorming
  • Communciation Template Creation
  • Tactics for Project Adoption

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Leadership

Biography: Aimee Richcreek Baxter has worked in the technology industry for over 25 years as a Project Manager and Technology Trainer. She has been a certified PMP since 2000. Currently, Aimee works at Macalester College, as Financial System Specialist bringing technology solutions to the Business Services Office and the Macalester Community it serves. She utilizes her PMP skills every day from small tasks to larger campus-wide projects.