Pamela Davis-Ghavami

Paper and Presentation: Conflict Resolution Practices for the 21st Century

Abstract: Statement of the Problem: (What is the gap in Knowledge? Why does this research need to be conducted?)

Federal organizations hire individuals of all generations, beliefs and backgrounds. Understanding and having the necessary skills to practice conflict management strategies is critical today more than ever. Whether operating as a program manager, team member, team leader or stakeholder in the workplace, having the skills to take conflict in stride and resolve differences in ways that build trust and confidence needs to happen on purpose. When organizations do not take this position there will be a gap in knowledge which will ultimately impact organizational success. Employees who are not equipped with these skills will foster an environment of disgruntled employees, high turnover, resentment, antagonism, and hostility. At a time when budget cuts are at an all-time high managing conflict constructively is needed now more than ever.

Objectives of the Study (What does the study hope to achieve?)
This research will address the basic strategies and skills to manage conflict. To address how many federal agencies in the DC metro area purposefully prepare their staff to use conflict resolution best practices. Identify federal organizations that make conflict management training a core competency to develop conflict literacy, measure conflict styles, builds conflict management skills which involves top management, and use conflict focused team building and interventions.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Technical Project Management

Biography: Pamela Davis-Ghavami is a Washingtonian with 29 years of federal service in the Information Technology field. She has a BBA from the University of the District of Columbia in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems Science, a Masters in Information Technology and Project Management from Capella University and is PMP certified. She enjoys learning new things about technology, sharing her knowledge with anyone who will listen, being an active member in her Toastmaster club and moving to the top of the adder of her Montgomery County Tennis league club.