Ensuring Success in Delivering Project Management System for Agency Owner – Prathmesh Mehta

12:05 pm -12:35 pm

Friday, May 10, 2019

Benjamin Banneker #2212


The presentation is to share lessons learned collected during the implementation of the Project Management System for several owner agencies. The presentation is divided into three sections; 1) Findings, 2) Analysis and 3) Recommendations. Discussions will include two categories; 1) issues related to the selection, adoption, and maintenance associated with the project management application, and 2) issues related to planning, documenting and understanding of business requirements to improve adoption of Project Management system. Furthermore, the author shares his experience working with several owner organizations where unique challenges exist due to lack of maturity in technology and adoption by end-users. The presentation will provide several observations that are consistent among organizations when faced with new system adoption. Closing remarks include experience based recommendation to increase PM technology adoption and return on investment that can be applied to Owner Agency interested in implementing new technology or upgrading existing technology.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management


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