Managing and Leading Millennials – Joseph Launi

1:15 pm -2:20 pm

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Atrium #1107

Paper Title:

Managing and Leading Millennials


Millennials grew up with cell phones, laptops, internet access, and a highly socially-networked world that has become increasing smaller. Millennials send over 50 texts per day! They grew up being told they are “special” and as a result tend to be confident, entitled, and sometimes even narcissistic. 50% of millennials consider themselves politically unaffiliated, job satisfaction matters more than monetary compensation, and work-life balance is considered essential . So, how do we as project managers engage, motivate, and lead millennials? The answers might surprise you.

In this presentation we will first review studies of worker motivation that have been conducted for decades and then use those finding to consider ideas to truly motivate a typical millennial. We’ll discuss how to apply servant leadership principles to embrace young people, help them grow, and exploit their values on morality and ethics in the work place. Finally, we’ll explain a modern-day management model called Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) that is under experiment by employers such as Best Buy, GAP, and even the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

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