The PM Can’t Do It Alone! – Bianca Roberson and Tim Whalen

10:25 am -10:55 am

Friday, May 10, 2019

Charles Carroll #2203K


PMs are a critical member of the federal acquisition team and must partner with Contracting Officers and CORs from the development of requirements for a contract/project through contract award and/or project delivery.

What is the Government PM’s relationship with Contracting Officers (COs) and Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs)? This presentation will look at best practices for a PM working with the COR and the CO as part of the acquisition team and provide insights on what the PM can and cannot do when working with their contractor counterpart. The purchase of items, supplies or services, by contract, must involve a Contracting Officer, who is the only person with authority to enter into contracts or make changes to existing contracts. The COR’s responsibilities include providing technical expertise and ensuring that the contractor delivers the required items, supplies or services on schedule and meets the stated requirements before, being accepted by the Government.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Strategic and Business Management


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