Emily Ferguson

Presentation: Federal Project Management Training Panel Discussion

Abstract: Facing many competing priorities, federal project managers must allocate their training hours and dollars wisely. The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA) requires Strengthening PM Capacity to Build a Capable PM Workforce through the investment in building program management capacity and capability over time through increased training opportunities, career pathways, and mentorship opportunities. . But, what training and development should they seek, and what is the best way to find it? Improving the management of Government programs will require agencies to professionalize this critical workforce on an increasing basis, encouraging the application of education, training, and experience to inform critical thinking and expert analysis that will support decision-making and overcome challenges to program implementation and execution. Agencies will develop program and project managers via a career path that provides experience and mentorship opportunities designed to teach these skillsets.

In this session, federal leaders of PM training, communities of practice, and acquisition career management will share real-world experiences of offering, delivering, pursuing and making the most of training, learning, and development opportunities in the federal government. We’ll present a case study of a cross-functional course for integrated project teams and improving critical thinking skills (unconfirmed). We’ll also discuss leveraging the knowledge of experienced project managers by mentoring entry and mid-level PMs.

Facilitated by Scott Hine.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Strategic and Business Management

Biography: Emily Ferguson is the Assistant Vice President of Client Relationship Management in the Corporate Learning Solutions office of University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Emily and her team establish and manage all of UMUC’s over 100 employer alliances. These alliances include organizations from both the public and private sector seeking to enhance their employee recruitment, development, and engagement initiatives through higher education. Emily Ferguson has been with UMUC since 2010 and holds a B.A. in Archaeology from the University of Virginia and a J.D. from The George Washington University Law School.