Robert Faulk

Presentation #1: Implementing the Program Management Improvement Accountability Act

Abstract: Federal program and project managers have an important obligation to ensure programs and projects deliver critical services to the American public efficiently and effectively. To accomplish this, OMB and Federal agencies will leverage three key strategies as part of a 5-year strategic plan for implementing the PMIAA. Outlined below, these strategies focus on clarifying key roles and responsibilities, identifying principles-based standards, holding managers accountable for results, and building a capable program management workforce. (Abstract from OMB M-18-19).

PMI Talent Triangle: Strategic and Business Management

Presentation #2: Federal Project Management Training Panel Discussion

Abstract: Facing many competing priorities, federal project managers must allocate their training hours and dollars wisely. The Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA) requires Strengthening PM Capacity to Build a Capable PM Workforce through the investment in building program management capacity and capability over time through increased training opportunities, career pathways, and mentorship opportunities. . But, what training and development should they seek, and what is the best way to find it? Improving the management of Government programs will require agencies to professionalize this critical workforce on an increasing basis, encouraging the application of education, training, and experience to inform critical thinking and expert analysis that will support decision-making and overcome challenges to program implementation and execution. Agencies will develop program and project managers via a career path that provides experience and mentorship opportunities designed to teach these skillsets.

In this session, federal leaders of PM training, communities of practice, and acquisition career management will share real-world experiences of offering, delivering, pursuing and making the most of training, learning, and development opportunities in the federal government. We’ll present a case study of a cross-functional course for integrated project teams and improving critical thinking skills (unconfirmed). We’ll also discuss leveraging the knowledge of experienced project managers by mentoring entry and mid-level PMs.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Strategic and Business Management

Presentation #3: Certification for Federal Program/Project Managers Panel Discussion

Abstract: Join us for a lively discussion of the issues surrounding federal program and project management certification. The position of PMIAA is that certifications alone have not shown a positive impact in the improvement of federal programs. This panel will explore many of the questions revolving around certifications, including types of certifications, experience vs. certifications, and recruitment and retention of program/project managers.

What certifications should be required for federal program and project managers: FAC-P/PM? PMP? DAWIA? Other? How will existing certifications tie into the Program Management Accountability and Improvement Act (PMIAA) implementation? How to influence agencies to provide opportunities for certification? How best to account for differences between program and project management? Also, how do we balance the importance of certifications vs. experience? How to attract program and project managers from outside the federal government to enter federal careers? How do we provide a credential that is transportable between agencies? Should PM certifications be a requirement in federal hiring? What type of learning and development should be considered to expand the skills of PMs beyond certification training? How is the FAC-P/PM-IT certification utilized in federal agencies?

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Strategic and Business Management

Biography:  Bob Faulk joined the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI) team as the Acquisition Program Executive (APE) for Contracting Officer’s Representatives (CORs), in May 2011.  He serves as an advisor to the civilian agencies on federal acquisition education, training, and career development activities to meet the Federal Acquisition Certification (FAC) requirements and as a subject matter expert on COR competencies.  Bob is also currently serving as the acting APE for Project/Program Management.  During his tenure at FAI Bob has served as the interim Project Manager for FAI’s training application system (FAITAS), managed FAI spending plan/finances and, for 22 months, as the Acting Deputy Director, in addition to his COR duties.

Bob has more than 39 years of acquisition and program management experience with the US Air Force, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and private industry. Prior to coming to FAI Bob was in the Department of Homeland Security where he was responsible for the oversight of fifteen Major Acquisition Programs and responsible for DHS’ high priority performance goal for acquisition personnel staffing.  He was a member of the DAU civilian faculty from January 2002 through December 2009 where he was the Director of learning Asset Integration and continuous learning, as well as teaching Program Management and Risk Management courses.  Bob is a retired Air Force Acquisition officer with 21 years of active duty service.

His Air Force project management and COR experiences include almost ten years in various joint program offices developing operational crew trainers for nuclear weapons systems; avionics and mission planning equipment for cruise missiles and leading a seven hundred and fifty million dollar restructure of a major DoD contract.  Bob has served on the staffs of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition; the Air Force Systems Command and on the Comptroller staff at the Air Force’s Electronic Systems Center (ESC).

Bob was DAWIA certified in Program Management and Business/Cost Estimating & Financial Management; DHS certified in Program Management and COR. He currently has level III Federal Acquisition Certifications in P/PM and Level II in COR.  Bob also maintains a current certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI); holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration, from West Virginia University; as well as a Masters of Business Administration from Marymount University and is an alumnus of the Federal Executive Institute’s Leadership in a Democratic Society course and Leadership for a Global Society course; as well as the Harvard Kennedy School’s Driving Government Performance course.


Bob is a native of West Virginia; has been married for 41 years with two adult sons and five grandchildren.  He enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.