Keeping the Ship Afloat and Stakeholders Onboard: Tactical Balance during an Overhaul – Waller

10:15 am -11:00 am

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Breakout Room 3


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This report explores stakeholder management strategies and the soft skills that are essential for port engineers during a ship overhaul.

A government port engineer is one who ensures the completion of annual maintenance, repair and modernization projects on the vessel assigned to them. To accomplish this task, the vessel enters an overhaul period, which has a specific list of work and a predetermined budget. During the overhaul, the port engineer is responsible for its success and managing the needs and expectations of various stakeholders.

An overhaul involves numerous stakeholders, such as the sponsor, regulatory bodies, technical warrant holders, the shipyard (contractor), the contracting officer and the ship’s crew. Each stakeholder is actively engaged throughout the various stages of the overhaul. Multiple stakeholders have the authority to make decisions that positively or negatively affect the project. The port engineer’s ability to management the stakeholders is instrumental in ensuring the success of the overhaul.

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