Mindful Collaborative Communication to Achieve More of Your Project Management Goals – Brown

9:00 am -9:45 am

Friday, April 23, 2021

Breakout Room 1


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Collaboration cannot take place without the support of effective communications. It is essential to foster a genuine determination to reach a common objective by sharing knowledge, insights and learning to build a consensus to inspire action through words and make a positive impact. This is where mindful collaborative communication to bring projects to successful completion.

In this presentation, Award-Winning Business Communication Strategist and Professional Speaker, Shakira M. Brown, will demonstrate how differences in goals, agendas and perspectives are manifested in every day communication. Attend this session to increase your awareness of the necessity to create an environment of openness with mutual respect and trust using mindful communication techniques rooted in practical Zen philosophical concepts to build and maintain meaningful collaborative relationships. Depart this session with ways to minimize conflict and communicate with greater clarity, precision and influence.

Note: This is a proprietary presentation developed by Shakira M. Brown.

Learning Objectives:

  • Listen more effectively to understand what others are trying to tell you
  • Enhance your leadership skills by conveying improved empathy and understanding to support your business strategy
  • Recognize ways to be more of service to others

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership