Revelation, Evolution, Absolution, & Resolution: A Workplace Reconstructed for Success – Smith

9:15 am -10:00 am

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Breakout Room 1


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I believe the realities of the coronavirus pandemic forced many organizations to embrace the theme of “turning knowledge into practice.” I believe this has been especially true for organizations struggling with stagnated cultures, internal competition, silos, agility, diversity and inclusion, and goals that haven’t moved in alignment with current trends. This is especially true for those with strategic plans that have become bookshelf decorum instead of everyday workplace practices.

Let’s face it, the pandemic opened some windows that allowed us to see gaps that can hinder productivity and suggest exclusion – all of which could have a significant impact on the health of an organization and its overall success.

We were placed in a position where we had no choice but to embrace some degree of change…a lot of that change was what we needed. REVELATION – the swiftness of the pandemic’s progression revealed quite a few things about practices, processes, and unwritten policies. We learned that some of the things we thought were so detrimental to how we perform our work every day weren’t essential at all. There were some things we could do and should do for more effectiveness and efficiency. EVOLUTION – with a number of opportunities revealed, we can develop in ways that may have been unimaginable prior to the pandemic. ABSOLUTION – being at home and watching the news 24/7 as given many of us a peak into the lives of those we work with who are different from us. We’ve been given a chance to assess how we work with one another, how we treat others, and how “respect” should look in the workplace for everyone. RESOLUTION – working together we can find ways to bridge the exposed gaps and build a better work environment – a reconstruction like no other!

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