Al Zeitoun

Paper and Presentation: The focused leader and energizing the project economy

Abstract: Disruption has happened and will continue to shape what we do for years to come. The biggest value of this to project managers is that their capabilities suddenly have been highlighted as the most impactful enabler for this disruption-full world.

In this presentation, Dr. Zeitoun will highlight the patterns that shape the positive impact of this disruption on the way of working in the future. Agility is the name of the game for this project economy and the leaders who will sustain their success will be the ones who have an infinite thirst for learning new skills to outpace the rate of this disruption.

Dr. Zeitoun will bring examples from his vast global program and project experiences across industries, coupled with decades of volunteering for PMI’s senior roles, to showcase how agility, collaboration, and clear purpose, will shape the success of the Focused Leader in operating with excellence in this new economy. He will also bring together insights directly gleaned from senior organizational leaders’ discussions and interviews to support his hypotheses about operating in this economy.

Three attributes, digital appetite, smart decision-making, and new sponsorship models will be demonstrated as the necessary cultural and organizational requirements for the Focused Leader to power this project-centered world. Zeitoun will highlight how critical thinking will be one of the future’s most in-demand qualities and how this will facilitate the interaction between these 3 attributes, and how a balanced roadmap of the right ingredients amongst them, will allow for a fun and energized new and continually dynamic ways of working to lead in this Project Economy.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership

Biography: Dr. Zeitoun, PMI Fellow, PgMP, is a business optimization and operational performance excellence leader with global experiences in strategy execution. His experiences encompass leading organizations; developing their Enterprise Digital Transformation and Program Management Offices; guiding systematic methodology implementations, and using his empathy and collaboration strength to successfully execute complex missions and programs across diverse industries and cultures globally.

In his recent position, as the Executive Director for Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC), Abu Dhabi, UAE, he was responsible for creating the strategy execution framework, transformation benefits, executive coaching, and program discipline necessary for delivering on the $40B complex country energy mission roadmap.

At the McLean, USA HQ of Booz Allen Hamilton, Dr. Zeitoun strategically envisioned and customized Booz Allen Hamilton’s EPMO advisory and mapped playbooks and capability development for clients’ Billions of Dollars strategic initiatives. Furthermore, he led the firm’s Middle East North Africa Portfolio Management and Agile Governance Solutions.

With the International Institute of Learning, Inc. (IIL), Dr. Zeitoun was a Senior Executive and also held the position of Chief Projects Officer. He was instrumental in driving its global expansions, thought leadership, and operational excellence methodology shaping execution across organizations worldwide.