Amy King

Amy King

Presentation: Project Execution for Non-Project Managers

Abstract: The Health Science division at The George Washington University has embraced project management framework and processes across all departments, service lines, and levels of faculty and staff. Led by PMP staff, we empower non-project managers to positively impact work and outcomes through utilization of appropriate PM tools. This strategy has led to greater success in key operational and strategic initiatives, increased work satisfaction, and better service delivery on shorter timelines.

Components of the strategy include obtaining buy in to PM principles from leadership, translating PM language for non-project managers, identifying opportunities for non-project managers to take a PM leadership role, offer a training series across several project management processes, and supplemental support such as consulting with a PMP.

This strategy has led to positive impacts in communication, employee professional development, shorter timelines, and more valuable deliverables. Some unintended consequences include more cross-team integration and most importantly, this structure has emphasized the concept that leadership can be practiced at all levels of the organization and is not confined to roles defined as leaders.

Key Takeaways

  • Identify key benefits and stumbling blocks of project execution by non-project managers.
  • How to create PM resources and tools including a PM Hub, training, templates, and decision matrices for non-project managers.
  • How to provide coaching, mentoring, and consulting to non-PM managers as they navigate project management framework and processes.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership

Biography: Amy King, MDE, PMP

Ms. King is Assistant Dean of Online Education and Enrollment Management at The George Washington University, School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Her areas of responsibility include all administrative aspects of online education management, enrollment and admissions, marketing and recruitment, student success initiatives, and the health sciences 3 year strategic plan and initiatives.

Ms. King leads several teams, both temporary and permanent in nature, leads many employee professional development opportunities, and provides coaching and mentoring services across the university.