Christopher DiBella

Paper and Presentation: The Art of Empathy – Key Factors to Creating a Stronger Work Culture

Abstract: This interactive and engaging presentation will look at the most underrated (yet most powerful) skill you need in the workplace today. Understanding and sharing the feelings of others requires more than just voicing your thoughts and opinions on a topic, but rather it involves active listening skills for you to provide the appropriate level of support needed. We will also look at empathy mapping to help find the right balance of cognitive, emotional, and compassionate empathy you can use to develop stronger bonds in the workplace.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership

Biography: Christopher DiBella is a passionate Project Manager and a driving force of process improvement looking to create organizational change from an influential and behavioral perspective. He is a Certified Scrum Master and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with expertise in business management, with key emphasis on project management, agile processes, scrum methodology, business analysis, change management, and vendor management. He has an MBA in Project Management and is pursuing his PhD in Organizational Leadership. He believes in teaching companies the value of influential leadership practices, while assessing their efficiencies using project management methodologies to help streamline processes and maximize their potential. He is the CEO and chief consultant for Three Sixty Integration (, which provides Leadership Coaching & Development and focuses on aspects related to behavioral, influential, and strengths-based leadership styles.