Glenn Anderson

Glenn Anderson

Presentation: Solve A Team’s Communications Problem – The Illusion That it Has Taken Place

Abstract: Are your attendees confusing communicators? Do they feel like they are trying their best to communicate, but no one seems to understand them? Miscommunication and an absence of understanding can result in team problems large and small. Enable your attendees to Join longtime conference speaker Glenn Anderson on a journey to connect and communicate more effectively. Glenn has been communicating all his life as a corporate instructor and speaker, and part-time improv actor. He will share his ideas and tips in this entertaining and useful session.


  • How to connect with people, keeping their attention and gifting them with your attention
  • Sharing control vs taking control during a meeting
  • How to have more meaningful conversations
  • The dance of effective communication

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership

Biography: Glenn Anderson is the Performance Catalyst Speaker – the catalyst between missed goals and achieved goals. Glenn’s presentations and webinars combine decades of corporate experience with his passion for performing improvisational comedy. The result – your audience is energized and equipped to better communicate, collaborate and lead.

Glenn knows what it takes to capture attention in the business world. He worked for IBM for 45 years – in sales, management and event speaking. He produced conferences and was a featured speaker for thousands of people.

As a graduate of Player’s Workshop of Second City and with his experience performing improvisational theater, Glenn excites your audience with improv techniques that energize communications and create a collaborative team environment.