Gregory Baecher

Presentation: Post Disaster Project Management

Abstract: This session deals with post-disaster project management, resilience, and mitigation. Post-disaster project management is rapidly expanding field which requires a particular type of dynamic project management. The ever increasing threat of floods, hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and other natural hazards has created an urgency in developing new project management skills. The objectives are to introduce the issues of post disaster management, share knowledge required to project manage following a disaster, and discuss tools and techniques specific to this emerging need.

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership

Biography: Gregory Baecher is a Glenn L Martin Institute Professor of Engineering at the University of Maryland (UMD) College park campus. He holds a BSCE from UC Berkeley and a PhD in civil engineering from MIT. He is the author of four books on risk, safety, and the protection of civil infrastructure, and 200+ technical publications. He is recipient of the USACE Commander’s Award for Public Service, the Panamanian National Award for Science and Technology Innovation, and is a member of the US National Academy of Engineering. Dr. Baecher consults to government and industry on project risk management related to civil infrastructure.

Dr. Baecher is a geotechnical engineer by training but has spent much of his career working on risk and reliability of civil infrastructure, and statistical methods for spatial sampling and data visualization. Immediately prior to joining UMD he was President of ConSolve Inc, an information technology company located in Lexington, MA. Prior to that, he was Professor of Civil Engineering at MIT. He is an active consultant to government and industry on risk and reliability of constructed facilities, especially in water resources development, dam safety, and coastal protection.