Jeff Dalton

Presentation: Falling Forward: an Agile Story about Tragedy, Transference, and Total Happiness

Abstract: In “Falling Forward,” attendees will learn about a core set of values, actions, and objectives that lead to business agility as seen through the lens of a career in classical music, an epic failure, and the role of transference in re-directing those values to a new and successful career in Agile Leadership.

Attendees will learn:

  • A core set of values that lead to business agility
  • A specific set of actions for achieving success as an agile leader
  • A clear set of objectives for improving agile leadership skills
  • A model for leverage skills acquired from your own life’s experiences to improve your personal performance

Attendees will receive a copy of Chapter 1 of “Great Big Agile: an Operating System for Agile Leaders, and links to white papers and videos that will provide additional learning from the speaker

PMI Talent Triangle: Leadership

Biography: Jeff Dalton is Chief Evangelist at AgileCxO, a research and development organization that studies organizational agile performance. He is an author, conference speaker, blogger, coach, and technology leader with more than thirty years in the software development industry as a CIO, CTO, and Director of Product Development. Jeff is author of Great Big Agile: an OS for Agile Leaders (Apress (c) 2018) and A Guide to Scrum and CMMI: Improving Agile Performance with CMMI (CI Press (c) 2016). In his spare time, Jeff plays bass in a jazz band and builds experimental aircraft.