Lindsay Nix

Paper and Presentation: Stakeholder Management: Navigating the Stakeholder Web – A Practitioner’s Experience

Abstract: Just like a spider sits in the middle of its web to monitor and react to motions in its complex frame of radius threads, the Demographic Statistical Methods Division (DSMD) project manager plays a central role in monitoring, anticipating, and reacting to the various and complex needs of their many stakeholders. With so many stakeholders involved in demographic surveys, how do project managers handle the scope and challenges of stakeholder management?

This paper will discuss the project management methods and processes developed and used by the Management Operations Office of the DSMD to most effectively manage the often competing needs of its internal and external stakeholders. We will detail the list of stakeholders and their relationships to the DSMD Project Manager, outline the tools and processes developed to handle their individual needs with regard to scope, schedule and budget, provide practical examples of tailoring project management techniques for various clients, and highlight new stakeholder management processes currently in development.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management

Biography: Lindsay Nix obtained her Master’s Degree in Management from Indiana Wesleyan University and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Indiana University. In 2006, upon completing her undergraduate degree, Lindsay began her career at the U. S. Census Bureau where she was selected for a management program, to rotate through numerous branches of the Census Bureau. Lindsay went on to supervise approximately 100 employees across a variety of Economic surveys and gained valuable experience in Project Management cost estimation, scope management, and schedule development.

In April 2015, Lindsay joined the Demographic Statistical Methods Division as a Project Manager. She has provided project management support for numerous complex Demographic surveys through cost estimation, schedule and scope development, risk management, product development including change request dashboards and various reports for management, and budget monitoring. This led to improving the timeliness and cost efficiency of deliverables produced by the division.

Lindsay has vast experience working with internal and external stakeholders at all levels through her management of surveys that span multiple fiscal years, overlapping survey cycles, fluctuating priorities, and budget constraints.

Lindsay received her PMP certification in 2017.