Marcus Glowasz

Marcus Glowasz

Presentation: Transitioning to Data-Informed Decision-Making in Projects

Abstract: In the era of big data and the ever-increasing flow of information, the use of analytics is now widespread across industries, with data analytics mainly used to help enterprises make better decisions. With project managers required to make critical project decisions on a daily basis, while projects in most cases remain falling short to deliver on their promises, a data-informed approach to decision-making in projects and project management is needed more than ever – the previously untapped capabilities of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence need to be leveraged to ensure that relevant project information is captured, while project professionals and decision-makers need to become more data-aware and data literate, towards more rational and sound decision-making in projects, based on both quantitative and qualitative information.

However, many project professionals still underestimate the importance of data in project management and decision-making, or simply do not know where to start in terms of transitioning to such a revolutionary approach.

Key Take-aways:

  • Today’s decision-making processes in projects have increasing gaps that must be addressed with a data-informed approach
  • Projects need to adopt Data Analytics and AI to cope with the increasing amount of information, and to ensure sound and informed decision-making in projects
  • A data-informed approach to decision-making in projects is disruptive and will require a significant change in the project and decision-making culture in organizations

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management

Biography: Marcus Glowasz is a Co-Founder and Product Lead at Fortean, a Swiss technology startup that leverages data analytics and artificial intelligence technology to innovate and redefine the project management practice, addressing the growing challenges of project professionals to effectively and successfully deliver projects.

Marcus has extensive experience as a Project and Program Manager, with expertise in large scale and complex transformation programs in the Financial Services sector, in large financial organizations such as UBS, Credit Suisse, and Zurich Insurance. With over two decades of experience in technology-driven projects, Marcus developed an obsession and passion for the innovation and advancement of the project management practice through research and entrepreneurship in future-defining technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data, as well as the transformation of project cultures and operating models towards more efficient and effective project functions and deliveries.

Marcus holds an Executive MBA from Henley Business School (UK) as well as professional certifications in program and project management from PMI (Program Management Professional [PgMP]®, Project Management Professional [PMP]®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner [PMI-ACP]®), APM (PRINCE2, MSP) and Stanford University (SCPM).