Robin Pennington

Presentation: Program Management in the 2020 Census

Abstract: A centralized Program Management Office for the decennial census was created in a reorganization in 2015. One major result of the reorganization was that many tasks that had previously been worked in areas across the decennial directorate became the responsibility of this office. In this presentation we will discuss the tasks assigned to the Design Coordination area of this office and some key ways that Program Management was utilized to complete our publicly-available documentation on the design of the 2020 Census, namely the 2020 Census Operational plan, the Detailed Operational Plans, and the Office of Management and Budget Paperwork Reduction Act documentation. We will also present some lessons learned from our initial effort at systematizing these tasks.

PMI Talent Triangle: Technical Project Management

Biography: Robin has been working at the Census Bureau on the decennial census since 1997. For the past five years she has taken her statistical and operational experience and applied it to Program Management of the 2020 Census.