Scott Hine

Presentation: How’s It Going? Balancing the Demands of Project Work and Updating Stakeholders

Abstract: This session will focus on how best to address and manage increased levels of internal, external and leadership requirements and expectations of new and legacy federal projects while operating in a virtual environment.

Managing customer expectations while meeting project scope, schedule and cost targets is challenging enough. Doing so when your stakeholders crave more frequent communication and updates, using a mixture of email and videoconference, becomes exceedingly challenging and a time suck for PMs.

How you address this feedback (often times unsolicited) in a professional and responsive manner while maintaining project momentum is an art and not a science. We will reach out to the membership of the Federal Program and Project Management Community of Practice to gather information on their experiences in this area, and may ask one or two to participate in the discussion. Participants will derive strategies for managing the constant demand for updates while still getting the ‘real’ work done.

PMI Talent Triangle Skill: Strategic and Business Management

Biography: Scott Hine is leads Corporate Business Systems the Office of the Chief Financial Officer at the US Department of Energy. Scott is the executive sponsor of the Federal Program and Project Management Community of Practice.